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Bear with me on this. I love lists, and I used to do it A LOT. But the last 3 years or so, I got really really lazy with anything that has to do with blogging. But that does not mean I ever stopped watching. Not one bit. I’ve been watching as much TV as I can – and I’m telling you, you’ll never run out. People have been proclaiming the last few years as the golden age of television, and they’re probably right. Every network, cable channel, streaming site, even ancient relics like Yahoo are producing good-to-great shows. 2015 is the year of Peak TV. No one has seen them all, for sure. But whether you follow five shows, or 40 shows, you will find greatness along the way. Even the most inconsistent show can surprisingly come up with an episode that changes everything. So this made me come back to list-making. I was reading some year-end lists last week and I saw how different the lists could be from one person to the next. It’s such an exciting time to watch TV – but also such a difficult commitment.

For my rundown of 2015 TV, I will try to list my favorite shows of the year, my favorite television episodes of the year, and other random finds from excessive TV watching. Let’s do this!


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By Sanriel Chris Ajero

My 20 (+1) favorite songs for 2011.

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By Sanriel Chris Ajero

Same drill as with films, here are my 20 favorite TV shows of the past year. No rules and basis, just shows that aired within 2011 that had me glued to the TV and became culprits to why I spent more time watching 20 to 40 minuter episodes than watching films.

Before the 20, there are a few shows that missed the cut because I have not seen enough of it or because I failed to catch the season that aired in 2011 – Treme, Sons of Anarchy, Friday Night Lights, Luther, Doctor Who and Justified. In addition to that, just outside the 20 are Boss, Hell on Wheels and Junior Masterchef: Pinoy Edition.

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By Sanriel Chris D.J. Ajero


Wow it’s been almost 10 months since I last opened this blog. I may not have been blogging, but I have not failed to do my film watching duties. I’ve seen a decent amount of film and I’m really impressed with how 2011 turned out. For 2012, I promise to post more and this year-ender list officially seals my 2011 and kickstarts that promise.

What follows is a list of the 20 films I liked most during the past year. No write-ups, I’m afraid. I’ll also be posting lists on TV and music in the coming days. Here’s to a less lazy me this 2012!

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By: Sanriel Chris Ajero 

More than Christmas tradition to the Filipinos, the annual Metro Manila Film Festival is host to launching a good selection of local mainstream cinema. Its reputation propelled when it started producing some of the most unforgettable local films of all time. Within its 36 years of existence, the festival spawned the creation of such all-time gems as Burlesk Queen (1977), Kisapmata (1981), Himala (1982) and Bulaklak ng City Jail (1984) . Unfortunately, the festival also accommodated the production of lacklustre mainstream efforts that now defines the Philippine cinema for the majority of the Filipinos. The decline furthered during the past decade, as the festival yielded series after series of film franchises (Shake, Rattle and Roll; Enteng Kabisote; Mano Po) with only profitmaking as its main rationale and a slew of just crappy WTF productions (Hula Mo, Huli Ko; ‘Di Kita Ma-Reach; Hesusmaryosep!) that question its very existence.

It has been, therefore, quite a daunting and difficult task to skim over all the MMFF entries of the last decade and choose my favourite film for each year (Case in point: the last 4 years when not even one film was good.) Personally, I believe the last glimmer of MMFF hope stroke during the 2003 festival and it went nowhere but downhill since. And quite a fall it has been.

Without further blabber, here are my picks for the best MMFF films for each year of the last decade. PS: I cheated on some years.

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By Sanriel Chris Ajero

For the final installment of the October ‘Manila’ series of Cinematon! Cinematon!, I give you  one of the best Filipino films of all time, Lino Brocka’s Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag.

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by Sanriel Chris Ajero

Kûki ningyô
Dir. Hirokazu Koreeda
Cast: Doona Bae, Arata, Itsuji Itao
125 mins

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By Sanriel Chris Ajero

As my weekdays have been gradually jam-packed with work, and no time has been allotted for the slightest bit of rest, my typical film marathon-bound weekends were replaced by few glimpses of short films. Here are my short thoughts on the recent short films I’ve seen.

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Haywire (Steven Soderbergh, 2011) - 4.0/5

Happy Feet Two (George Miller, 2011) - 2.0/5

Arthur Christmas (Sarah Smith & Barry Cook, 2011) - 3.5/5

Balang Araw (Archie Dimaculangan, 2012) - 1.5/5

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Tomas Alfredson, 2011) - 3.5/5

Shame (Steve McQueen, 2011) - 3.0/5

The Artist (Michel Hazanavicius, 2011) - 2.0/5

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Guy Ritchie, 2011) - 1.5/5

Hugo (Martin Scorsese, 2011) - 4.0/5

The Day He Arrives (Hong Sang-soo, 2011) - 5.0/5